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PRO Reclaiming Abortion Rights,  by Katha Pollitt.

Summarized by Citizens for Choice Marlene Katz, Donor Relations

For anyone who reads the Nation magazine, you will recognize Katha Pollitt as a columnist and poet for that magazine. Her new book as mentioned above is fresh off the press. Some capsule statements gathered will likely create some curiosity as to what else it contains concerning the antis and their hypocrisy(ies).

  • six out of 10 women today get abortions
  • abortion is safe, legal, and a million procedures a year are completed
  • one half of all pregnancies are unplanned
  • her message is that abortion should come out of the closet: she regards it as a social good.
  • her interesting observation is that there is a “muddled middle“ who don’t want it banned but have deeply conflicted views – and neither do they want it offered
  • she says that the Bible does not ban abortion and neither did the founding fathers
  • then, too, she notes the hypocrisy the opponents have noted of anti-abortionists
  • this line is so true: “there are so many who would reduce women to ‘potting soil’ if left to their own devices.

Ms. Pollitt also covers the historical background of certain times in history, regarding abortion and the Supreme Court in the mix. Her own family was involved with abortions, even her mother who had a mysterious abortion in her forties.

A writer of 20 plus years ago, Susan Faluda, who wrote the book The Backlash: the Undisclosed War Against American Women, published a book at the time of the Anita Hill proceedings with Clarence Thomas. Pollitt alludes to this book in her publication.




This just in from the Women’s Policy Summit we recently attended at the Capitol!

How do we in California continue to be leaders in protecting and expanding reproductive and sexual health care?  Read on:

Women’s Policy Summit 2013


When She Woke

A novel by Hillary Jordan


When She Woke is a frightening look into a future where abortion is punishable as murder.  The line between church and state has been eradicated, and criminals are no longer incarcerated and rehabilitated, but are injected with a genetic mutation that colors their skin according to the class of their crime.  Hannah Payne wakes up in skin that has been chromed red after having an illegal abortion.  She is humiliated by a brief incarceration that is broadcast on public television and is then set free to navigate her way in an America of a not-too-distant future.   Hillary Jordan’s novel is an imaginative foray into a dream of the worst sort.  She will have you pondering your own reproductive rights, and leave you feeling that there is a chance, a small chance, that you might not always have them.


If you’re interested in reading this book, do head on down to Nevada City’s own Harmony Books, where we know this book is in stock!

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